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The Ball Sports product team wanted to design a backpack and duffle that could be used for indoor or beach volleyball. The players take these bags to and from games and long weekend tournaments. The bag needed to hold a volleyball, along with changes of clothing, beverages, and snacks. Being a collegiate volleyball player, I was able to apply my own insights in designing this product. 




The biggest challenge was designing a bag that could hold a weekend’s worth of things plus a volleyball. My idea was to create a removable sleeve that was clipped to the front of the bag. The ball would stay on the exterior, leaving space on the interior. When the pocket isn’t in use, it can unclip from the bag and be stored away for another time. The pocket was also designed to be an easy execution area for our factory to customize. The water bottle pocket is thermally lined to keep drinks cool and there’s an integrated sand trap for ventilation and sand removal so you don’t have to open the entire compartment. A sternum strap helps to keep the bag in place if you’re running, biking, or rollerblading. There are hidden pockets for personal belongings, and a integrated cooler to keep your snacks fresh as well. The shoulder straps and back panel have extra padding to carry all the goods! The duffel opens from the top and has adjustable straps which allow you to carry as a backpack or duffle bag for an easy travel experience. There’s a thermallyy lined pocket for snack storage, and ample cargo space for all your game-day gear. Speed clips on the sides of the bag let you air out wet clothes or gear after a practice or day at the beach and there’s a side compartment specifically designed to carry volleyball on the go.



The backpack and the duffle are offered in four different colorways. The main body color is black and the contrast colors for the zippers and pulls are red, blue, grey, and yellow. The red, blue and grey are the most popular team colors and the yellow is AVP yellow. The black body fabric was ideal for costing purposes. 



Exterior: Water resistant nylon

Lining: Polyester

Webbing: Nylon

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