Upshot uniforms

Upshot Uniforms is a practice project that I created to learn more about UX/UI. Upshot Uniforms is a custom uniform company whose goal is to deliver a simple purchasing experience for their unique product. With the growing demand for customization, brands are evolving to becoming more competitive in the retail space, such as e-commerce sites and peer-to-peer portals. Businesses are also looking to create a simpler, more fluid way to complete transactions.  Being able to design, purchase, and order your custom made jersey(s) on your smart phone, would be the ideal means for the busy coach or parent. I designed the logo, icons, jerseys, and the application layout, utilizing Adobe XD.

Artboard 1 copy 12.png
cellphone copy.png
Artboard 1 copy.png
Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1 copy 10.png
Artboard 1 copy 11.png
Artboard 1 copy 9.png
Artboard 1 copy 8.png
Artboard 1 copy 2.png
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Artboard 1 copy 13.png